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         Our heartfelt Congratulations to ARRahman, the musical WONDER!  What a speech he made while accepting his Oscar awards. Definitely that would have made a great impact on the whole world like his music. Swami Vivekananda captured the hearts of Americans by starting his famous address in the parliment of religions with the famous words : ‘Sisters & Brothers of America’.  Our dear Rahman in his sweet and brief speech mentioned that ” Ma Mere Pas  Hai ” – “Mother is with me  ” .  He also mentioned that “ALL GLORIES  UNTO THE ALMIGHTY “.  In addition he also spoke that all through  he had a choice between Love and Hate and he always chose Love.

This shows  how humble the person is inspite  of  becoming world famous.  He added a furhter feather to his cap in the felicitation function organised by the musicians association by claiming that he received the award only on behalf of every body and he wanted his fans not to decry other composers in their writings. 

We are really proud that ARR has achieved so much in his young age and we admire his strong faith in the Almighty in spite of his own hard work and creativity. 

We Wish him more and more laurels and a healthy, prosperous, happy and  long life by the Almighty’s Grace.

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A R Rahman’s Live Concert – on 9th Feb.,2008 at Madras

A.R.Rahman is really the heart throb of today’s youngsters. I was thrilled to see the electrifying atmosphere at YMCA grounds at Nandanam that night. Though I went there at the fag end only, I really enjoyed the whole presentation viz. the stage arrangement, the powerful and clear sound systems, the lightings etc.,etc. ARR himself was singing the songs at that time. You should the the youth bubbling with enthusiasm alround. “Athiradee…..” from the famous “Sivaji”was sung, followed by “Arabic kadaloram… a superb one.Finally concluded with the ever green and inspiring Vande Mataram….. I saw Hariharan on the stage. I came to know that he sang very well. I missed the songs of Hariharan, Chinmayee, Chitra and others.

 I found Naresh Iyer in high spirits and the inimitable Blaze with his Rap in superb style.

I was quite impressed with the excellent arrangements made and the very orderly crowd. Indeed a memorable evening! My congrats to MARG for organising such a memorable programme and all ARR fans will be grateful to them for this excellent show !

I am quite happy that I have attended the live concert of M.S.Viswanathan with his full orchestra in 1968 in the World Trade Fair in the specially developed grounds then with a big Tower in the middle.That place is called Anna Nagar now! Later in the 90s ( not sure of the year) attended Ilayaraja’s live concert with full orchestra in the University Centenary Auditorium when the Dalapathy song Rakkamma kai yai thattu….  was sung even before the release of the audio as well as the film! You can imagine how thrilling it would have been !

Now  this show of ARR has shown the evolution in the sphere of Film music, orchestra, technical advancement etc. Wishing ARR more and more laurels and achivements in his musical endeavours!

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The music season of Madras has come to a close. But a govt. sponsored Chennai Sangamam was alround the city recently. It had various cultural programmes. In fact, due to my tight work schedule I couldn’t attend any concert. So it was a pleasant experience for me on the Pongal morning at Nageswara Rao Park,Mylapore.

There was a classical music programme by the young and charming K.Gayatri at 6.30a.m. on that day. She made that pleasant morning a  musically charged one and an elevating experience. I always feel classical music has got a lot to do with “bhava” than mere musical gimmics. That morning Gayatri started with a fine “Ganapathiye Karunanidhiye….” in Karaharapriya. She followed it with the spiritually inspiring “Sambo Mahadeva…” in Bowli.Then after cruising thru Begada , she went on to present the viruttam “Petra thai tanai…”  in differnent ragas  nicely bringing out the bhakti bhava. Then the evergreen “Kartrinile varum ..” of M.S. in Meera further gave a boost to the already serene atmosphere. Well, when the right ambience was created for forgetting one’s worries of the mundane life, Gayathri further emphasised on it by singing the soulful “Kurai onrum illai..”.

Well, I felt a morning well spent!

The words of the elderly gentleman who spoke at the end of the concert  praising Gayatri still echoed  in my mind when I was returnig home and I also had to endorse  the same : ” Gayatri is a  real GEM picked up by her Guru who is none other than the veteran Smt. Suguna Purushothaman. 

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Recently  the Deepam festival was celebrated in a grand manner as usual at the world famous Tiruvannamalai when the Deepam was lit at the top of the Hill. Nearly 15 lakhs people assembled in the Temple Town. This by any standards  is  a big event. But our so called National  &  Secular newspaper called “The Hindu” does not think so. It reports the same in  an insignificant corner without any photograph. You should have seen how our local dailies reported the same. Is it proper to call it The Hindu ? Why not ? after all what is in a name!

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I am one interested in enjoying good music be it classical,filmi etc.What I find strange is the way youngsters nowadays are so much obsessed with a particular music director  esp. in the Tamil film music.

In the seventies in the Hindi film music world there were many giants.But in Tamil only a few but generally dominated by one person.More are less it is continuing even now.Then we enjoyed the great music of different music directors as each had a distinct style.

If you are open minded,you can enjoy good music from whatever source it is. If you restricting your choice, then you may miss something !

That is why I find it strange that people are so narrowminded that they are missing so much nice music available other than their favourites. It is further amusing that they praise their favourites so much even if the music is not so great that it is proved to be a blind following of somebody.

I feel it is better to be open to all good music and enjoy!

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A poem credited to the Great Indian poet , Kalidasa ( source to be traced ) gives in a nutshell the approach to life.


Look to this day!

For it is life, the very life of life.

In its brief course

Lie all the verities and realities of your existence:

                The bliss of growth

                The glory of action

                The splendour of achievement

For yesterday is but a dream

And tomorrow is only a vision,

But today well lived makes every yesterday a

      dream of happiness   

And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Look well, therefore, to this day!

Such is the saluation to the dawn.          

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1st September

If there was one sage whose life was an open book all the 24 hours and who never stirred out of his ashram,it was Sri Ramana Maharshi. No VIP treatment for any special guest and all were equal before him either in the place he was sitting or in the dining hall. As a lad of 16, he ventured out into his adventerous trip to Tiruvannamalai without knowing anything clearly about the route etc. and finally reached  there on 1st September,1896. The most wonderful thing was that He never stirred out of this holy temple town for 54 years till his Mahasamadhi on 14th,April,1950.

He was always available in his hall ( it is still maintained in tact by the ashram management in its purity) and people from all over the world came to him seeking spiritual solace and mental peace.Even today people from all over the world flock to the asramam, thanks to the excellent maintenance of the asramam by its dedicated management. One should visit this asramam for feeling the Grace of Bhagavan and his spiritual force there even today.

Let us go into his unique teachings in due course. Today we have noted the speciality of 1st September.

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Carrying forward

In this category of Human Nature, I want to share my thoughts with others so that all can be benefitted. Knowledge has to be shared with everyone. Also, one should not before reading fully , rush to say, “Oh, I know this already”. All such ideas are to be assimilated and reflected in one’s life.Otherwise it will be only “information gathering” and remains ineffective.So let us approach with an open mind these ideas.

I.Carry forward

What we carry forward in our lives ? Is it necessary to do so ? Can we be selective in carrying forward and that too only what’s necessary in life ? Is it necessary to carry forward all the hurts, insults, harsh words of others?Is there any use of such an approach except loading our minds? Let us read the following story and take its valuable message.It has been credited to various sages and without bothering about that, let us make use of the message conveyed.

Two young monks were travelling from one village to another walking the whole distance.On the way they had to cross a flooded river.At that time they heard the screaming  of an young woman who was drowning . The monks were taught that they should not even think of women leave alone touching them!So,they were wondering what to do. Then suddenly the younger monk jumped into the river and rescued the young woman carrying her on his shoulders.He laid her on the shore and slowly she recovered and thanked the monk profusely. The senior monk was shocked as to how the other fellow touched the woman without any hesitation.The two resumed their journey. There was no exchange of words between the two. After nearly two hours when they were nearing the destination the senior could not control himself  and asked the younger monk,”What have you done? Have you not broken our vow?How dare you touched that young woman?

The younger monk replied calmly : “I HAVE LEFT HER TWO HOURS BACK. YOU ARE STILL CARRYING HER”. 

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I want to write my first blog after the Welcome blog on my favourite city viz. Madras as I find it as the current theme everywhere. But it will be slightly different as it will be a sort of nostalgic trip.

Unlike the present chaotic traffic, earlier we had a very disciplined traffic in Madras.

Can you imagine :

Gemini circle without the flyover?

Anna Nagar missing ?

A few shops in Ranganathan street !

Beyond Bazulla road towards the north vast fields till Loyola College ?

In West Mambalam towards end of Jubilee road, on the right corner a big grove of trees ?

In the location of the present Spencer Plaza , a beautiful Red structure of great beauty housing huge Dept. Stores and many more !

Marina beach with nice lawns, trees minus all tombs and all statues !

Enjoying Magnolia ice creams, Rita icecreams being sold thru street vendors and not to mention the ones at Jaffars in Mount road and fruit salad with ice cream in Geeta cafe at Pondy bazaar and also in Veekays restaurant above Geeta cafe !

Enjoying music thru juke box at Buharis at Marina opposite the Presidency college and at Veekays mentioned above !

Enjoying noon shows in Safire at a spl. reduced rate of only one rupee for all the seats!

Enjoying music concerts in the RK school grounds behind Muppathamman koil , T.Nagar !

What about eating high quality iddlies,dosa and all snacks at Dasaprakash at Egmore, Modern cafe at Parrys, Ambis at Broadway, Arya bhavan near flower bazaar !

Well, it is unforgettable ! A peaceful life in a beautiful calm city – Thats Madras life !

More to follow.

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Welcome to ananthu’s world

Welcome everyone with an open mind to see around this human life and whats going on dispassionately. Let us have a compassionate heart to feel the pains of others and look forward for the Good and Happiness of all. This is a glorious universe, a wonderful creation of GOD and let us not foolishly spoil it for our petty gains. Let us grow out of narrow minded view of life and people around and be objective in whatever we do. With LOVE to one and all.